Marny was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to the United States when she was 16.  She and her family currently live outside of Richmond, Virginia.  Marny started doing her husband’s family tree in 2014.  In early 2016, she started working with a group to help people put the pieces of their puzzles together.  In August 2016, she learned how to use DNA to help those with misattributed parentage locate their biological family members.  In April 2020, one of those cases lead her to Father Founded, where she has been volunteering to help Amerasians with their quest to know their birth fathers.


Marny Klump

Angela was born and raised in Illinois and after retiring from the United States Air Force, she settled in Georgia. She works for a public library system and has been volunteering her graphic design, genealogy and organization skills for Father Founded since 2020.  Angela has been working on her own family tree since 2012 and has taken Advanced Genetic Genealogy for Librarians with the American Library Association.  Angela has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management with an emphasis on Logistics from Ashford University.  She is married to another USAF retiree, has a teenage son, too many pets, and raises monarchs.  


Angela Simmons-Jones


The Crew Behind the Cause

Brian Hjort - Founder & Director

Hung has been working with Brian Hjort and Father Founded since 1992.  He lives in Vietnam and guides American Vietnam Veterans as they search for their lost Vietnamese partners and children.   

His support is key to getting Amerasians DNA tested, information translated and immigration coordinated.

He is a husband and father.

Hung Phan
Brian Hjort, the Founder and Director of Father Founded lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and daughter.  Since 1992, he has made it his mission to improve the lives of Amerasians all over the world.  He has traveled extensively to Vietnam as well as the Philippines.    

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