Father Founded is routinely contacted by Fathers and other relatives that are searching for Amerasians and the Mothers of their children. Father Founded works to make sure that DNA tests are completed and monitored.  If you are searching, please submit a case.

Fathers Who Are Searching for Amerasians
Father's Name Branch of Service When Where Mother's Name Amerasian's Name and Information Photos
Acevedo, Carlos Manuel USA 1970 Bien Hoa La Thi Binh Unknown born in March 1972 Yes
Allan USA 1972-1973 Saigon Kim Unknown born in March 1973  
Artichard, Richard Civ 1970 Saigon Mother French Afro-Vietnamese Unknown born in March/April 1970  
Aukes, Gary Ray USAF 1969 Phuoc Vinh Unknown Unknown born in 1969  
Barnes, Bishop USAF 1969-1970 Saigon Thi Chedo born in 1970  
Belair, James V         Daughter then son born in 1968 Yes
Bell, George E. USA 1969 Vung Tau Kim Woe    
Bess, Charles Lawrence USA 1968-1970 Pleiku Muoi Brown Susan K. Brown born in 1968-1969  
Brown, Mark Allan USA 1970-1972 Saigon My Thi Vu Son Vu born in 1970  
Caputo, John Paul USA 1969 Long Binh Camp Mai Nguyen Catherine M Nguyen born in Jan 1971  
Cline, Walter Lewis USA 1970-1971 2nd Field Forces Plantation and Long Binh Vo Thi Tham Unknown born in 1972  
Cochran, Barry   1970 Saigon Dao Thi Truong Unknown born between April to June 1971  
Cockril, David Steven USA 1972 DaNang Ta Thi Chien Unknown born in 1972  
Cohen, Robert Edwin USA 1968-1969 Tan Son Nhut AB/Saigon Lan Thi Ngoc Unknown male born between Jan and Mar 1970  
Coolen, Benjamin J. USA 1970-1972 Can Tho Linh N/A  
Corey, Samuel H. USA 1971-1972 DaNang Huynh Tha Hung    
Cosper, Thomas Wiley USA 1965-1967 Saigon, Can Tho, Vung Tau and Pleiku Van Thi Nguyet Jaqueline Marie Cosper born in late 1966 or early 1967 in Vung Tau  
Cruz, Nicholas USA Sep 1968-Sep 1969 Saigon      
Davenport, Joseph USAF 1965-1966 Tan Son Nhut AB Thu Phuong Unknown born in 1967  
Davita, Eddie Molina USA 1967 Pleilu Jackie Ham Unknown  
Dupree, Gerald USA 1967-1970 Dong Tam, Long Binh, Vung Tau, Can Tho Vien Unknown  
Elliott, Robert USA 1971-1972 Marble Mountains, DaNang Hoa Unknown born between Dec 1971 to Feb 1972  
Foulka, Ray USA 1968-1969 HQ 2nd Field Force Unknown Born in 1969  
Freeze, Benjamin Poe USA 1967-1968   Unknown Unknown  
French, Herman Tracy USA 1965-1966 Saigon Huyen Ti Loan Anh unknown Yes
Gentz, Larry Lee USN 1969-1970 Binh Thuy AB, Ben Luc, Dong Tam   Unknown 1971  
Getto, James P. USA Dec 1969-Nov 1970, Jul 1971-Mar 1973 Camp Adenir, DaNang Nguyen Thi Mui Jim  
Hall, Dennis USA 1972-1973 Tan Son Nhut AB Thyana Unknown Yes
Hall, Gregg   1970-1971 DaNang Phan Thi Hoai Thuogh "Susie" Unknown  
Hall, James Gary USA 1966-1967 Di An Xep Thi Troung Daughter named Lan Thi Truong Hall born in Sep 1967 in Go Vap  
Hannon, Julius Henry USA 1969 Vung Tau Vu Thanh Unknown born in Sep 1969  
Hericksen, Paul H. USA 1968-1969 Vietnam Unknown Unknown born in 1969  
Hill, Paul Eddie USA 1970-1971   Lang Billy Jack Lang born in 1972  
Holmes, Lee Michael USA 1969-1972 Camp Holloway/Plieku My Thi Pham My Linh Thi Pham female born in Jan 1972  
Howard, Samuel USMC Jul 1968-Aug 1969 Tha Thien Hue, Lanko Village, Phu Loi Vinh Born in 1969 Yes
Hughes, Thomas USAF 1965-1966 Nha Trang Mai or Lee Unknown born in 1967  
Humphries, David S. USA 1967-1969 Nha Trang Kim Ngoc N/A  
Hunter, Kenneth Lee USAF 1965-1966 Bien Hoa AFB & Tan Son Nhut AB Nguyen Thi Cuc Unknown  
Irwin, Harold S USA 1970-1972 Can Tho Tran Kien Anh Daugher named Kirsten  
Jankins, Earl Robert USAF 1964-1965 DaHang AB Bao "Cathy" Unknown born in 1965  
John, Paul S. USA 1967-1968 Vang Tau/Dau Tieng Maun Unknown  
Johnson, Lawrence Crawford USA 1972 Saigon and Lon Binh Lien My Truong Unknown April 1973  
Johnson, Samuel Wayne USA 1971-1972 Phu Loi Lee Unknown born in Sep 1972 Yes
Jones, James H. USN 1965-1968 DaNang Nguyen T Lai Nguyen T Lai female born in 1968  
Jones, John William Merchant Marine 1970-1971 Cam Ranh Bay Thuy Thu Thuc Unknown born in 1970, sent to orphanage  
Kadas, Patrick Michael USA 1962-1963, 1964-1966, 1967-1968 Saigon Thi Muy Nguyen Kim Linh Nguyen born in 1964  
Kelly, Ted USN 1968-1970 DaNang Lan Ted Kelly Jr born Jan 2, 1970  
Kerr, David R USA 1970 Long Binh Camp Anh Thi Hoa Nguyen    
Kustron, Stanley John USAF 1966-1968 Bien Hoa AB Unknown Son born in Nov 1968  
La Roy, Lawrence Louis USA 1969-1970 Vung Tau Anh Thi Nguyen Unknown  
Leande, Ronald USA 1970- Camp Ran Simone unknown Yes
Lortie, Edward Joseph USA 1969-1971 Long Binh Cu Chi Nga Son named Ed Chu  
Lower, Robert Vincent USA 1969-1970 Vung Tau      
MacManamay, Ray Andrew USA 1971-1972 Phan Rang AB Phan Thi Muoi Unknown born in 1972  
Marsden, Joseph USA 1966-1967 Saigon Mai Unknown  
McCormick, Robert S. USN 1971-1972 Rach Gia, Kien Giang Pro Moc Hua Nguyen Unknown born in 1973  
Mikkelson, Neal Warren Civilian 1974 Saigon She was deaf Unknown born in 1974  
Molko, Thomas James USA 1971-1972 Ben Luc, Bien Hoa Ly Thi Pham Unknown born in June 1972  
Montes, Ruben USA 1967-1969 Saigon Anh Ngoc Nguyen Unknown  
Morra, Ralph USA Mar 1966-1968 An Khe, Bien Hoa, Saigon Sandy (Cambodian), Lien (Vietnamese) Unknown Yes
Nimmons, Ted Steven USA 1966-1967 La Kai Mai Linh Unknown  
Nixon, Joseph John USA 1971-1973 Long Binh and Saigon Hoa Thi Le Unknown born in June 1973  
O'Neil, Thomas J. USA 1970-1971 Long Binh Waun Thi Bi Male born 1971, in USA in 1993  
Osborne, Jerome F USAF 1970 Tan Son Nhut AB Hoe Nov 1970  
Parker, Larry Donald USA 1967-1969 Long Binh Hue Thang Unknown  
Paulus, David   1971 Saigon Truong Tuyet Nga Son born in Nove 1971  
Petitt, George USA 1969-1970 Long Binh

Nguyen Thi Tuy/Linh "Lynn"

Pocewicz, John Michael USA 1971-1972 Tuy Hoa Bich Thi Nguyen Unknown born in 1972  
Prescott Merchant Marine 1973-1975 Saigon Nguyen "Lynn Lisa" Unknown  
Quinn, Jerry P. USA 1972-1973 Saigon Bui Thi Gioi/Kim Nguyen "Brandy" Son Gary Bui--FOUND  
Reischl, James Raymond USAF 1969-1970 Tan Son Nhut AB Linh Hoa "Linda"   Yes
Robinson, Eddie L. USN 1972-1973 An Son, Nha Trang Tran Thi Tiep Unknown born in October 1973, had a sibling named Rachel Tiep (also Amerasian) Yes
Russi, Mark Charles USN 1967-1968 Camp Tien Sa, DaNang Xuan Lan Thi Pham Daughter Hiep Pham born in April 1968  
Ryder, James   1962-1963 Tan Son Nhut AB Nina Tran Thi Mai born in Jul 1962 in Saigon  
Sample, Lawrence O. USAF 1966 Pleiku   Son born in 1970  
Schafer, Frank G. USA 1968-1969 Phu Hiep Army Base Chao Born in 1970  
Schneider, Dwight Allen USAF 1971 Cam Ranh AB   Unknown born between Jan 1972 and Mar 1972  
Setser, Harry Edward USAF 1968-1971 Vung Tau Air Field Mui Sy Vong "Ann" Nha Sy Vong Yes
Sinnott/Veloria, James USA 1969 Long Binh Camp Anh Vo Thi Unknown  
Spearman, Donne USA 1966-1967 Cam Ranh Unknown Unknown born in 1967  
Spencer, Frank USA 1965-1966 Binh Thuy AB Nickname Peanut Unknown  
Sprague, Tom   1966 Tan Son Nhut AB      
Springer, Jack McKendy USA 1972-1973 Nha Trang Kim Thi Nguyen Unknown born in 1973  
Stewart, William Richard USA 1967-1969 Phu Loi Bui Hoa Hong Male born in 1969  
Turner, Thomas USA 1968-1969 Chu Chi and Vinh Long Xung Anh Unknown born in June 1969  
Walker, Dennis Keith USMC 1967-1970        
Walls, Johnnie USA 1971-1972 Bien Hoa Minh Unknown born in 1972  
Washington, Ron USA 1968-1969 Saigon Marie Nguyen Thung/Tung Nguyen born April 30, 1970  
Watts, Grover Robert USAF 1970-1972 DaNang Tran Thi Ba Unknown born in Oct 1972  
Wilkins, Kenneth Joseph USN 1967-1969 Saigon Chi Ti Nguyen Lisa Thi Nguyen born April 1969  
Wilson, William Robert USA 1970-1972 Long Binh Lai Thu Nguyen (married vanished in March 1975) Lai Nguyen born in Nov 1971  
Ybanez, Freddie F USA 1969-1971 Camp Baxter, DaNang Tong Born in 1971 Yes
Young, Tommie Lee USA 1968-1973 Phu Tai Valley, Bien Hoa Kim Tony born in 1969-1970  
Young, Tommie Lee USA See above See above Duc Wyian born in 1969-1970  
Zeigler, John Roy USAF 1970-1971 Phan Rang AB Tran Thi Tui Tran born in 1971 Yes

Family Members Searching for Amerasians
Relative's Name Father's Name Branch of Service Location When Amerasians Information
Josh Dugan Kenneth Dugan USMC Vietnam    
Josie Jent Jackie Dean Jent USA Vietnam 1964-1965  
Raymond Young Gary Wayne Young USA Saigon Vietnam 1968-1970 Was married to a local Vietnamese woman and fathered a child.
Jodie Behfar Franklin Kopp   Vietnam    
Elizabeth Gardner Douglas Alonzo USA Vietnam 1966-1968  
Nancy Kirkendall (cousin) George F Wallace Jr.   Vietnam 1968  
Wendy Snyder (Sister n' Law) Herbert Welch   Vietnam    
Edgar Torres (Brother) Rey Francisco Torres USA Pleiku Vietnam 1969-1971  
Celia Miller Jimmy Floyd Miller USA Pleiku Vietnam 1967-1971 Mother is named Kim Xue Lee, Child is a male named Jim Lee Kim, born in 1971
Damien Bullion Denis Harold Bullion USMC Vietnam 1968-1970 Son named John Bullion
Greg Pratte Robert Monroe Pratte USA Vietnam 1965, 1968-1969  
Carl Scoles Carl Scoles USAF Vietnam    
Natasha Jones Woodard Vincent W Jones USA Chu Chi Vietnam    
John Dee Worley Wayne Argo Worley (deceased) USA Veitnam 1971-1973  
Elizabeth A White Leslie Malcolm White USAF Phan Rang AB 1968-1971  
Amanda Stone Charles Alger Merchant USAF Binh Thuy AB 1965-1967 Mother named Tu had son born in 1966 named Daniel
Deborah Matthews Halnon James William Matthews USA Ashua Valley 1967-1968, 1971-1972 Female child
Heather Michele Collins Hagan Patrick James Collins USA Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1968-1969 Mother's name is Doh Thi Hoi Nguyen, child adopted by her sister, a son born in 1970.
Sharon Irgens Maxwell Ernest Roy In\rgens Civ Veitnam 1975 Male child born in 1975
Maya Gilmer James Terrance Edwars USA Vietnam 1970 Male Child born
Carolyn May Edward Dee Griffin USA Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1968-1969  
Theresa L. Wood William F. Wood USA Vietnam 1966-1968  
Richard Lee Borger Jr. Richard Lee Borger Sr. USA      
Lisa Marie Schutt William Harvey Schutt USA Pleiku, Vietnam 1969-1970 Female child
Jennifer Bullard Wayne Joseph Glassey USA Qiu Nhon 1970-1971 Mother named Vo Thi Chi who had a male son
Alexandria M. Sarten Monroe Robert Knight USA Vietnam 1969  
Teresa G. Miller Kenneth Herman Wagner USA Vietnam 1968 May have fathered 1 or 2 children
Shelly Haig Gary Lewis Columbia USMC Vietnam 1967 Family was contacted by an Amerasian but did not want to help, step-children are willing and searching
John Corss Robert Michael Cross USAF Phan Rang AB 1970-1971 Female born in 1970
Justin Cote Ernest Norman Cote USA Camp Evans and DaNang 1971-1972  
Marilyn Buenoconsejo Jr Lino BienoConsejo Jr. USAF DaNang Airport 1967-1968  
Karen Johnson Charles Floyd Cline USAF DaNang AB 1966-1967 Child born in 1967
Stephanie Thorne Gary F. Mertz USMC/Civ Vietnam 1968 Male child born in 1969
Tanna McNally Franklin McCowan/McDonald USA Tay Ninh 1975 Mother died but child survived
Chelsea Marie Jenkins David Gordon Jenkins USN Vietnam 1970 Fathered a son named MIchael
Amy Lewis Robert Edward Lewis USA Quy Nhon Vietnam 1968-1970  
Private Eric Civ S&S Vietnam 1969 Mother is Oahn Thi Luong, had 3 children, 2 with Eric, one in 1969 and 1970
Lisa Warwick Lee Dumler USMC Vietnam 1967-1973 Child born in 1973
Susan Zalewski Carl Edward Thomas USA Vietnam 1963-1968 Male named Van Hoang Tho born in 1967
Travis Tremble Steve Tremble USA Vietnam 1967 Mother named Hang, Male born in 1968 contacted the family
Deborah Marie Bryan Jay Carliss Eager USA   1967, 1970-1971 Son named Vinh born in 1970
Jade Blankenship Allen Curtis Burke USA Vietnam 1971-1972  
Amy Mayes Edwin Humphrey USMC Vietnam 1966 Child born in 1967, Edwin carried a photo in his wallet of the mother and child
Phylilissa Bilal Fred Leroy Cooper USA Vietnam 1967 Child born in 1968
Carolyn Costanzo Charles Schafer USA Vietnam 1967 Female child, father used to send money to Vietnam for her
Amanda Lee Watson Gordon Ellis Lee USA Vietnam 1967-1968 Fathered a son
Natalie Futch Humphrey Futch USAF Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam 1970-1971 Mother named Cao Thi Vo Hoa. Search in Vietnam in 2015, was told that the mother and daughter went to the US. Daughter was born in 1971
Stacy Harris Flowers Whit F Harris USA, USMC Vietnam 1972 Unknown born in 1973
J M Bentley Ronnie Van Bentley USA Vietnam    
Shonta Collins Herman Collins   Vietnam   Father was with a woman named Thi Tho and they had a son
Daughter James Douglas Hatcher USA Saigon Vietnam 1967-1968 Father came back from Vietnam with a photo of a 2 month olf child that looked like James.
Denice Thomason Floyed W Whitson USN Vietnam 1968-1969 Daughter
Charlene Pawul Gerhart Brian Ward Pawul USA Saigon Vietnam 1971 Fathered a son
Nora Crest Sova (daughter) Constantine Panfilous Sova USA Vietnam 1967-1969  
Judith Torgeson (daughter) Thomas Bernard Torgeson USA DaNang Vietnam and Cambodia 1969-1972  
Lynn Dean Graves Randle Lee Graves USAF Pleiku 1968-1969 Daughter named Lynn/linh in 1969
Cathy Summers Quinter James Levi Summers USA Vietnam 1965-1968 Fathered two children with the same woman
Brandy Booher Carroll Allen Wayne Booher USA Vietnam 1969-1971 Son named Joey Wayne Booher born in 1971 and went to California, tried to contact the family. Found Joey Booher on FB
Sara Moore Scheck Dwight Allen Moore USA Vietnam 1971  
Kimberly Coffin Robert G Coffin USA Vietnam 1966-1968  
Friend Jerry Wilmoth USAF Qui Nhon 1965-1966 Vietnamese girlfriend named Kim
Darla Aycock Donald Ray Joyner USA Vietnam 1969-1970 Relatives discovered photos of a Vietnamese woman and an Amerasian child, Donald has passed away.
Chris Jarmen Kenneth Jarmen USA Loc Ninh 1969-1970 Family was contacted by an Amerasian woman who claied to be Kenneth's child and they did not believe her but are now willing to communicate
See File Royce I Shiki USN My Tho 1969-1970 Mother was named Bac/Bach and she was a maid at the Vitctory Hotel, Amerasian child born in Nov/Dec 1969 named Le Thi Lan/Liian Marie Shiki
Maree Wotton (lives in Australia) Richard Wotton USAF Phan Tang AB 1970-1971 Has photo of Vietnamese woman with a child
Sharina R Nixon (daughter) Arthur James Nixon USA Vietnam   Had daughter named Tessie
Kristy Rogers Ronnie Melvin Rogers USMC Chu Lai/DaNang and Hoi An 1968-1969 Son
Denise Harriman (widow) Harriman   Vietnam 1969  
Monique Harris (daughter) Gerald Michael Hardy USA Saigon Vietnam   Female, may have had 2 children
Tarry Mungen (daughter) Lynne Mungen USAF Saigon Vietnam 1971-1972 Mother is named Thach Thai Pugan and they had a daughter in November 1973, named Lynette Nguyen
Christine L Masson Raymond Streb Jr   Vietnam   Mother named Van Hong Phan who lived in Saigon and had a daughter named Mai Thi Ngoc Phan
Joseph Skalamera Tony Skalamera Civ Saigon Vietnam 1966-1968 Mother named Pham and they had a son named Phuc who was born between Oct 1967 to May 1968
  Kennet Kline Knott USN Olongapo City, Philippines 1971-77/80 Father was stationed aboard USS Hancock and may have a female Amerasian child in the Philippines
Cousin Melvin McQuay Jr USAF Clark AB 1969 Mother named Merlee Sangon, child named Hope Sangon born in Jul 1970

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