Anyone, Vietnam Veterans, Amerasians, Vietnamese or simply just an American that loves his or her country and its people can help us to continue our endeavors, it doesn't matter how much or how little, what matters is that we receive help, so we can help others.

So what does the money go to?

1. DNA kits.  We purchase DNA kits primarily when they go on sale.  Ancestry has the largest number of people in its database so their kits are preferred.  Regular price for an Ancestry kit is $99 plus postage, but we try to buy only when they are marked down to $59 or $49.  


2.  Postage.  Our organization utilizes different ways and means to transport, mail and return DNA kits.  The cost to mail a DNA kit can range between $10 and $60.  


3.  Maintain and pay for the homepage. We pay for our domain name and using the internet.

4. Most of our search angels use their own memberships to use websites that provide various records that includes census, military, address, newspapers, birth and death certificates.

5. We hope to visit the people that we help in person when our finances allow, but there are times when we will work to raise funds to help with the teams travel expenses.

So how can you contribute? Fundraisers will be advertised on the Father Founded Facebook page but you don't have to wait to contribute.

1. Western Union Money Transfer. An worldwide agency to transfer money from country to country, you can look up the agency at your local area at:

2. MoneyGram. An worldwide agency to transfer money from country to country, you can look up the agency at your local are at:

3. Paypal. Paypal are the most used paid online system in USA and now also used by Father Founded.  Can be used by push on "Donate" button.

3. GoFundMe and Facebook Fundraisers. To donate online visit the Father Founded Facebook page and select a current fundraiser.

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Just like any other organization, we use a lot of time and money in our effort to help the Amerasians in Vietnam and the Philippines as well as other clients around the world.  We don't charge our Amerasian brothers and sisters. Neither do we charge money from the fathers or family members in the USA. This is a service of hope and we are volunteer based organization.  In the end anything we are trying to do can be stopped in its tracks if we don't have the economic's as simple as that.


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