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" So little time, so little love "

An photo, says more than 1000 words !!! And no words can cover the feelings, of those amerasians still in Vietnam, the lost childhood, lost hope for going home and the feeling of being alone. To cover those feelings, we prefer to let the photos under here, speak out for them self.

Still in VietnamStill in Vietnam

Still in VietnamStill in Vietnam

Still in VietnamStill in Vietnam

Still in VietnamStill in Vietnam 

Heros of 2012-13

2012 had passed, and we are in 2013. During the 2012, few people including us in Father Founded, had been doing anything that comes close to be an hero.

Its hard to point finger at anyone. So the real heros, are the amerasians still in Vietnam. They keeps on fighting for been accepted in Vietnam, while they getting older and older.

The remaining amerasians in Vietnam, had zero chances for leaving Vietnam. Their applications for migrate to USA, had been turning down for many diffent reasons. Programs like ODP (Orderly Departure Program), Amerasian Resettlement Program and others are just history.

Amerasians in Vietnam, had almost no informations about their fathers, or the info they had are fake, mixed up with reality and dreams. Without an "Smoking gun", an ticket to their fatherland sounds even more remote.

Most amerasians just gave up, they accept their life with dignity, knowing apply are waste of time. Some amerasians make small business,others do daily labour to care for their family.

Amerasians in Vietnam, now had their own kids and some grandchildren. They are up in the early 40'ties to early 50'ties. With no formal educations, knowledge of english and the American way to live, they life will be the Vietnamese way.

Father Founded, can only hail the Amerasians in Vietnam, Philipines, Okinawa,Thailand and any other asian countries where children of American servicemen are holding out. You're truth heros and your deserve our respect, help and love.

Below here are an photos of our heros, that we took in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam near the old Amerasian Transit Center in Dam Senh

2 Amerasian heros still in vietnam

20 years with Amerasians

It all started in 1992, when I spend my time in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia as an backpacker. I came to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and met all those youngsters, that didn't looked Vietnamese.

That first meeting with the Amerasians in 1992,are now history. After 20 years of helping amerasians, in finding their fathers then I belive we had put our fingerprint in the history of postwar Vietnam.

So many people had passing by during those 20 years, some just pop up as an email and others became an perment part of Father Founded. I am thankfull for all those that had been helping us, your made the life more easy and funny.

The person that had add the most work for Father Founded, are my friend Hung. During all those years,  he had allways been on the frontline, taking the heats and beats.

Without Hung, we won't have existed today, actually we won't have existed more than a few days. Hung, you are you're the 50 % of Father Founded and 100 % friend of the amerasians and we hope that it will last the next 20 years.

Father Founded outside the old gate of the Amerasian Transit Center, 20 years after it all started

Rewind the past searches

It happend once a year, or at least what we try to do. Going back to Vietnam, to help the amerasians still there, in finding their American fathers.

But this time, we did it different. We decided to bring as many Vietnam veteran cases with us, as time allowed. Having only 7 days, won't give us much space to make mistakes.

Started 6 months before, by collecting informations on each cases, interview the Vietnam veterans looking for amerasian children, obtain any photos they might have, locating old adresses on google maps. Any little info could make an life or death difference.

Long lost love stories, nicknames, ages and many other words made the informations submited from the veterans, very hard to cut down to the facts. The women name could be soundlike, her family moved, end up in prison, escaped abroad, disapear from the earth or simply killed.

The military camps are closed, people that used work there, gone. The streets had change its names, population and those that might live there, don't feel like talking to strangers about the past.

All in all, we search for lost families in Ho Chi Minh City, Codigo Vung Tau, and Bien Hoa. We located the family of one spouse of an Vietnam vets, located the house where the spouse and child used to live of an other Vietnam vet.

It might not be an big succes, but consider having an week to help 6 Vietnam veterans,  heading for 3 different areas far from each other, and spend all free time interviewing as much people as possible, for locating the lost relatives.

The lesson learned for the searchtrip, are that collecting informations and photos, makes all the difference and future searched had to been conducted in same way.

For more informations about our search trip, then hit the " Rewind the past searches" page or at this link:

George Pettitt's case

George Pettitt in Vietnam

" Among the few ", that's what George Pettitt's case belongs to. George is among the one of the very few Vietnam veterans that is actively trying to look for his Amerasian son that he was forced to leave behind in Vietnam after end service.

George uses every means he has as one human being on this earth. Fighting against aging, bad health and having the time against him, he still keeps open whatever doors he can find, to find "the needle in the haystack" about the where about of his son and ex-spouse.

Father Founded went to Bien Hoa/ Long Binh area in 2012, trying to locate George's relatives. It was a search leading to very little evidence and a lot of questions and few answers.

The search for George's son continues as long as George is a part of it and as long Father Founded exists. We are very thankful for George's continued support for Father Founded work with Amerasians and we hope one day George will locate his son.

For more information on George's case, please hit the page "Georges case" or at this link:

"Trong số ít", đó là những gì thuộc về trường hợp của George Pettitt . George là một trong một trong số ít cựu chiến binh Việt Nam đang tích cực cố gắng tìm lại đứa con trai con lai Mỹ của mình ông đã buộc phải để ở lại Việt Nam sau khi kết thúcnhiệm vụ.

Georgeđã sử dụng mọi phương tiện cần thiết mà con người có thể làm trên trái đất này chiến đấu chống lại sức khỏe ngày càng bị lão hóa xấu đi của ông, và thời gian chống lại ôngsự nổ lực không mệt mỏi trong việc tìm kiếm lại đứa con trai của ông. Ông ấy vẫn luôn giữ bất cứcửa nào mở để tìm thấy những gì ông ấy đang hy vọng tìm kiếm lại con trai của mình cho dù ông ấy luôn biết rằng đó như là công việc tìm kim dưới đáy biển

Đại diện FatherFounded đã đến Biên khu vực Biên Hòa - Long Bình vào năm 2012, đang cố gắng để tìm kiếm để xác định vị trí nhữngngười thân của George. Đó là một tìm kiếm với rất ít bằng chứng và rất nhiều câu hỏi nhưng lại có rất ít các câu trả lờicho kết quả

Việc tìm kiếm con trai của George vẩnđược thực hiện tiếp tục George là một phần của câu chuyện và miễn rằng FatherFounded vẩn còn tồn tại. Chúng tôi rất biết ơn hỗ trợ tiếp tục của George cho FatherFounded để được cùng làm việc với nhữngngườianh chị em lai Mỹ và chúng tôi hy vọng một ngày đó George sẽ tìm lại đượccon trai của ông.

Đểbiết thêm thông tin về trường hợp của George, xin vui lòng nhấn trang "Trường hợp Georges " hoặc tại liên kết này:

Father Founded goes to the USA

The American dream, the dream made in the land of opportunities. We've been assisting Americans and their children for more than 20 years and actually never met any of them. A bit strange I know.

So it's now or never. To head for the land that gave us so much in terms of wonderful people, challenging cases and history. A once in a lifetime event, where Amerasians, Vietnam veterans, American, Vietnamese, or anyone can meet me.

I want to share my life story with Amerasians, hear the stories from those who have been part of my life for the last 20 years, and get some new input in how to be better in helping locate lost people.

With the help of my Amerasian friend Thanh and other good people, Father Founded will be present in San Jose, Ca from 7th to 11th of August 2013. Anyone is welcome, friends and foe.

Since its hard to raise the means to come to the USA, and time is limited, it's not possible to change the time and place for the event.

If anyone wishes to join the event, then please go to my contact page and submit your email for information and you will be connected to our friends in San Jose, CA.

I hope many will show up, to honor the Amerasians still in Vietnam and remember those that didn't make it to their fatherland.

Cuộc hành trình đến nước Mỹ của FatherFounded

Giấc mơ Mỹ, giấc mơ được thực hiện trong vùng đất của cơ hội. Chúng tôi đã giúp người Mỹ và con cái của họ trong hơn 20 năm và thực sự chưa bao giờgặp bất kỳ người trong số họ. Đó là điều tôi biết hơi lạ một chút

Vì vậy, ngay bây giờ hoặc sẽ không bao giờ.
Đểchuẩn bị sẳn sàng cho cuộc hành trình đến miền đất đã cho chúng tôi rất nhiều về những con người tuyệt vời, các trường hợp thách thức khó khănnhững câu chuyện về họ . Và nó sẽ là một lần duy nhất trong một sự kiện của cuộc đờichúng ta, bao gồm con laiMỹ, cựu chiến binh Việt Nam, Mỹ, Việt Nam, hoặc bất cứ ai có thể cùng đến tham dự để gặp và trao đổi thảo luận với tôi

Tôi muốn chia sẻ nhữngcâu chuyện cuộc đời của tôi với anh chị em lai Mỹ, nghe trình bày những câu chuyện từ những người đã là một phần của cuộc sống của tôi trong 20 năm qua, và đểtiếp thu thêmđược những kinh nghiệm quý báo mới đểlàm thế nàothực hiện tốt hơn trong việc giúp xác định vị trí người bị thất lạc

Với sự giúp đỡ của Thanh , một người bạn Mỹlai của tôi và những người bạn tốt khác, FatherFounded sẽ có mặt tại San Jose, California từ ngày 7 đến ngày 11 tháng 8 năm2013.
Bất cứ ai cũng sẽ được chào đóncho dù là bạn bè hay những người chưa bao giờ có thiện cảm với tôi vì những lý do tế nhị nào đó

Kểtừ khi việc gây quỹ cho chuyến đi đến nước Mỹ thật sự khó khăn , và thời gian thì cũng có hạn , cho nên nó thì không thể đểthay đổi thời gian và địa điểm cho sự kiện này.

Nếu bất cứ ai muốn tham gia sự kiện, sau đó xin vui lòng vào trang liên hệ của tôi và gửi email của bạn để biết thông tin và bạn sẽ được kết nối với bạn bè của chúng tôi ở San Jose, CA.

Tôi hy vọng nhiều người sẽ có mặt tham gia để tôn vinh những người con lai còn ở Việt Nam và ghi nhớnhững anh chịem lai Mỹ nào mà đã không có cơ hội trở về quê cha như nguyện vọng của họ vì những lý do khách quan hoặc chủquan.


2012 and up to april 2013, gave fewer new cases. Since the remaining amerasians in Vietnam, had almost no informations about their fathers, and most amerasians lives in the bigger city in Vietnam and knows about Father Founded, then its dead end.

An small amount of Amerasians living in USA, had send their cases too. Most amerasians in USA, are moving on with their life, they don't have the need to look for an father, since the life in the fatherland are stable, without the hunger and poverty they faced in Vietnam.

More Vietnam veterans had turned up, looking for their amerasian children, which are very positive sign. Time are running out for the figthing men, they are getting old, health are bad and memory fading away.

An steady numbers of relatives, had been in touch with Father Founded, asking if anyone are are looking for their father, brother or son whom served in Vietnam and fathered an child there. We had add their informations too.

Locating an father after 40 years or more,  with the help of soundlike name, occupation, rank and age, usally ends up hitting the wall. The Vietnamese mothers didn't understood english well, didn't knew how to write and read english eather, with an war going on and the postwar Vietnam repression against those that had an relationsship with the Americans,  then the mothers had little left from past love relationsship with Mr. America.

Amerasians in Philipines had much more informations about their fathers. Their mothers spoke well english and the US military bases in Philipines had an long history, going way back to the independence of the Philipines from Spain. It was bases related to peacetime, and many relationsships with American military men and Philipino women lasted for years.

The fathers we located had rejected their children, for reason we can't explain !!!!  Since we don't know and understand how an father can denied hes child.

Other cases we solved,are Vietnam veterans that we assisted in located their former girlfriends. The veterans didn't knew if they had an amerasian child or not, but Father Founded gave them their answers and peace in heart and mind.

12      Cases USA 2012-13                                                    
10      Cases Vietnam 2012-13
12      Father searching for amerasian child 2012-13
10      Anyone looking for  2012-13
 6       Solved cases  2012-13

Final words

War are not the solution of an problem, its create more problems when its over. The amerasians are an ongoing problem and sad story for Vietnam and USA, from the time they were born up to now.

We in Father Founded knows what the war, did to Vietnam and USA ,and their "Children of dust". Now after all those years, amerasians in Vietnam and USA keeps looking for their ghost fathers and the frustrations of getting no where or been rejected, makes some of the amerasians to turn their anger against Father Founded.

An word like "disapointed" are been used alot. Disapointed that Father Founded can't locate the father, the father are dead and gone, or the father denied having an amerasian child.

We can't promise an lovely father, after all we are just 2 men covering Vietnam and USA. Boths are amateurs, not professionals. Our work with amerasians comes from heart and love for humanity.

God bless the Amerasians, Vietnam veterans, USA and Vietnam.


Brian Hjort
Founder of Father Founded

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