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Father Founded

Old friends

Welcome to Father Founded, 2016 edition. From being an active search for father/ child agency, Father Founded will be changed to an lost and found page, where we will add in case we get from Amerasians, relatives, veterans and anyone else that are looking for each other.


Mit foredrag om Vietnam krigens glemte børn er under vejs, men der stadigvæk ting der skal gøres. Til dem der har interesse, så kan man tilmelde sig vores Facebook side: https://www.facebook.com/Foredrag-Amerasians-Vietnam-krigens-glemte-b%C3%B8rn-218819805160852/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Gør en forskel

Alle kan gøre en forskel !! Kan Du ? . Vi samler penge ind til at købe dna prøver i USA, for at teste Amerasians i Vietnam, så vi kan finde deres fædre i USA. Men det koster mange penge, derfor kan alle hjælpe. Om det er mobil pay, paypal eller noget 3, så kan klare det hele. For mere så gå ind på siden " Info på Dansk" eller send en besked til os, via email: mail@fatherfounded.org

Time,energy and economic means are low. Like any other nonprofit agency, its an struggle to make the days end. Its an balance, so we prefer to beable to have an homepage that exist rather that it all collapse

Since 1992, when I started my work with amerasians, together with my friend Hung, we basic try to follow the same direction and aim, tohelp those amerasians and veterans in locate each other, in the best human way we can. It had been an rough way, sometimes with a lot of walls to hit. Always we face people in an humble way and just hope that we can make an little different, that hadn't change since that time.

Final, we would like to thank Toni & Free Spirit Festival in the Uk, for their support ,in donate dna kits for amerasians in Vietnam, Andrea in USA, for her outstanding help in breaking the dna cases, and Dennis Hill/ Jim Reischl for always help us the best ways, no matter what we need from them.

Father Founded are NOT political, religious,racial,nationalistic platform. We are an openminded agency that work for the common good for humanity. We don't want to associated with any hatred minded people, groups, agency or govermental offices.
During the last years, incoming cases from Vietnam, had almost ceased, the remaining amerasians in Vietnam had little of no informations about their fathers and they had no reason to add in their info, since nooone looks for them too.
Cases from relatives of Vietnam veterans, had increase. Mostly are wifes, children, siblings or any other members of the family, that found old photos, love letters or other memories from the war time and now want to find out about if the veteran had and child in Vietnam.
Old cases had been updated with the new informations about those people looking, and about their whereabout. Many of those amerasians we met more than 10 years ago in Vietnam, had now moved to USA and their cases are left pending.

More than just an case

An case for us are not just an name, number or photo but also an human story, someone dream, wish and hope to find their love ones, and we do our best with our means to make it comes truth.
Cases Vietnam:                                10
Cases USA:                                      54
Father searching for Amerasian child:  42
Anyone looking for:                            38

 Dennis add

Dennis Journey

Follow in the track of the Vietnam Veteran Dennis Hall, back in time to Saigon, Vietnam where he used to served during the war. Dennis went looking for hes Vietnamese spouse and unknown child. Its story seing from outsiders and shared by Dennis too. Dennis journey are in 2 parts, one seing from the outsiders and the other by Dennis words

Past events

In 2014, Father Founded were lucky to make an small tv program with the British Broadcasting Company ( BBC ). We made to Vietnam, together with 2 American Vietnam Veterans, that were looking for their Vietnamese women and amerasian children. The result was an emotional tv program, were one veteran final met hes Amerasian son, in USA (More to see on "BBB Tv program).
In September 2015, I went back to Vietnam and gather up with my friend Hung. We met old amerasian friends and did an search for an relative of American women, that were looking for Amerasian sibling. We locate the old place, where the father used to serve, but the Vietnamese mother and Amerasian daugther, had moved away long time ago.


Father Founded had been blessed by been in touch with newsmedias of all kinds, from televisons, magazines, newspapers to radiostations. From USA, Vietnam to Denmark in Europe. Below here are links for those newsmedias we were mention in.


The New York Times: Vietnam legacy finding gi fathers and children left behind

The Washington Post: Legacies of war

TheWashington Post: Forty years later, Vietnam veterans still search for lost loves

The Washington Post:U.S. veteran finds lost love in Vietnam — and she has a surprise for him

Sctimes:veterans search former girlfriend finally succeeds

Sctimes: A tough, tearful reunion in Vietnam

United Kingdom

The BBC Magazine:A US soldier searches for his Vietnamese son

The Telegraph:Former America GIs on Vietnam mission to find their lost children


Hành trình tìm người con Việt của một cựu binh Mỹ

IN FOCUS: Amerasians post Vietnam War (P1) / Số phận con lai sau chiến tranh VN (P1)

IN FOCUS: Amerasians post Vietnam War (P2) / Số phận con lai sau chiến tranh VN (P2)

Tìm lại đứa con từng bị ruồng bỏ ở Việt Nam

Câu chuyện về tấm lòng giúp con lai người Việt tìm cha đẻ Mỹ

Cựu chiến binh Mỹ về Việt Nam tìm gặp người yêu sau 45 năm


Site ajuda vietnamitas a encontrar pais americanos

Quase 50 anos depois, veterano de guerra reencontra namorada vietnamita

Spain/ Espana

Hijos de soldados de EE.UU. en la guerra de Vietnam buscan a sus padres con pruebas de ADN

El emocionante reencuentro de un veterano americano con su novia vietnamita de la guerra

Sweden/ Sverige

Sydsvenskan: Hjälper till i jakten på papporna


MetroXpress: Dansk håndværkers projekt går verden rundt

Politiken: Dansker forener Vietnam-veteraner med deres børn fra krigen

Jyllands Posten: Vietnamkrigens danske heler

Press enquiries.Please contact us, by using our "Contact" page.

Dna test

Dna test

Dna test. Due to improved and cheaper dna test, then every person can buy an test for 100 usd. What it used to be for only law enforcement had also been an tool,to for look for lost family members.

There exist 3 major dna test companies, Ancestry, Ftdna and 23andme. Each companies had its up and down and its recommanded to do all 3 of them at the same time, it would give an bigger chance to find an lost relative.

Ftdna Family finder

Ancestry dna


How to help

Father Founded are just 2 people, we try our best to help, and our means are very low and we depend on people. Anyone can help !! We all had something to offer and no help are to small or to big. Below here are something we need help on.

Logo for our homepage. We try to design an logo, that cover all what we stand for.

App for Father Founded. We try make an app where people can download it for free to android or Iphones, an app where people can submit cases and donate money online.

Make an difference, donate now !!!