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Brian's comment ( 1st of december 2008 )
X-mas story

Slagelse, on the island of Sjælland,Denmark. 24th of December 1981.
Its an wonderfull morning,looking thought the window, I see an huge layer of white snow,its magic,its X-mas day.
Inside in the living room the beutyfull x-mas tree are waiting for me,it just needed to be used,filled up with candels and gift. The kitchen full of wonderfull food, tradional made by grandparents,its just like an dream,now all I can think of is, hopefull santa Claus is coming this year,since thats what all kids dream off,isn't it.Even that I know that Santa Claus normally is my father,uncle or grandfather.
Yes what an fortune to have an wonderfull family,childhood and memory.
Saigon /Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam. 24th of December 1981.
Dung just woke up,its just an other day in hes life,here isn't any snow,no gift not even Santa Claus. In Dung's life Santa Claus didn't exist,the new goverment in the country that used to exist,told Dung and the other children that Santa is evil imperialist from USA,so they better stick to the new rulers.
Well for Dung,it might not matter at all,he had no place to celebrate hes X-mas,no family,nothing. Hes mother left him in the street when he was an small kid, and the father,well Dung looked in the broken mirror,hes father wasn't from Vietnam,he was from an place told to be the enemy,named America,so he most be there Dung guess. So Dung is 100% alone in the world, for him at doesn't matter at all,he's just happy that he can find some little leftover food,and a little shelter for the daily rainshower. He had no dreams,since hes dream had been broken so many times. A kid with no past,present and future,an lost amerasian.
I hope by reading this story,you will remember it could be you,and you should value your life now.
I the end I wish on behalf on Father Foundd an Merry X-mas and a Happy new Year to all Amerasians,Vietnamese,Americans and anyone else. May the dream comes true. God bless.

Brian's Comment: ( 1st of november 2008 )

He was such an good man !!!!!

How man time hadn't I hear that comment !!! When I as usally calling an father,or at least try to reach him, since he had passed away long time ago. And now I am trying to rech the family of him. 
The shock of the widower,the children of other relatives are huge,when they recive my phonecall. So many time I hear the same comment " He was such an good man !!!! ", in that term it means,that he was an good husband,father,brother anything that was good, simple as that. But he also made an child in an faraway country,in an longtime forgotten war, an unpopular lost war.

Now we got to the innercore of it all. When men goes to war,they becomes soldiers,fighting men,and they lives with the dead hanging over the head, every day can be the last. So they forget the country and the family they left behind,and they lives in the moments. Other servicemen, whom worked in offices or the military bases, don't get in to dangerous sitiuations, but have much time left after work,and specnd that time knowing local ladies. Some might even had an local lady as secretary,and in that way getting to "know" the local culture,more than it was suppose to be the plan.

Coming home to USA, change all that life !!! Back to the world, to family, work and no more war, forgotten are the promises of taking care of little Billy or Nancy downtown Saigon or in the little village in central vietnam. Some few letters and some few greenbacks are the normal way of ending that relationship.
Time and silence close that sad chapter in the world history. The GI turnes in to an good father,husband and later grandfather. He takes hes family out for holiday, while hes kid grows up in postwar Vietnam,wondering what happend to daddy.
Daddy grows old,gets sick and passed away. The family are sad,he was such an good man, they all says.

Suddenly the the phone calls, and someone from an faraway planet, tells them that the good father seems to be good to more than his wife.
No that can't be truth. The kid is an scammer,must be Nigerian fraud mail or lottery,but not an geniue, dna relative left behind in Vietnam,an reminder of the past. And the kid got photos and other evidence. How dare that kid to comes up and break the illusions that the good father forgot to tell he had an kid in Vietnam.
We better turn the back on that kid,that in love for the father,  really want to mirror it self in his family. We can't have that child to be an reminder of an good father.

I hope that little story makes the reader to think about what it means to be an good father.
Brian, Father Founded

Brian's comment: ( 01st of october 2008 )

Welcome to Brian's comment !! Since I am the founder of Father Founded,the editor and the one that do all the hard work,then I feel its time for the people to have an page where I put my own monthly comments on cases,people and news general related to the amerasian issue. All what is writen are my own view and opinion,and anyone can feel free to give me feedback at: brihj@hotmail.com

To many "No's ".

Well I had been doing this for many years,and "yes" I still don't get used to it !! The " No", that little word,just spelled N O ,can an word say more than that,it can change the whole future of an child,just to hear that word "NO".
Even that I am an veteran in helping amerasians,it still hurt me when I hear that word "NO", after an hard time tracking down the father in some remote Hilli Billie town in USA.
I had hear the excuses so many times before,that I can repeat them like an prayer or an mantra.
In the year of 2002 I did my tour of hard seat ,using greyhoundbus for visiting as many states in USA as possibble. I stopped in Atlanta,Ga. There I passed the local Vietnam veteran office for an chat. Spoke to some local veteran fellows,the kept talking how vietnam change their life,how much trouble they had, it became like an excuse for all what happend bad. So when I asked about the amerasians,the flipped over 180 %, they had no reason to talked about Vietnam anymore, and in specific about the amerasians. Why ? Welll the mothers were some cheap ladies, they were young, and didn't know about the life,it was an war and so on,so why not just leave vietnam,where it suppose to be, in Vietnam !!!
Never had I hear so much crap in so short time,simple as that.

It only take an minut to make an child,but an whole life to grow it !!! Its an father responsibility to care for its child. Whenever he know about the child or not,its an different issue. But to denied the child the right to at least to have the happiness and peace to have an photo of the father,just make me sad and depressed.

In the end of this first Brian's Comment, I will just say " This Amerasian is some fathers child,and need to know its father !!!! ". Take care and god bless the people in need.