Father Founded
Amerasians in France

Vietnam used to be part of French indochina, together with Cambodia and Laos. Saigon was named "The Paris of the orient", and towns like DaLat became the new hangout for rich French colonialist, that missed the fresh cold air in the mountains rather than the hot dusty wind in Saigon.

How did it all started ? In 1886, Vietnam was an weak divided country, with little control on their borders and people. With the huge neigborn China in the north,sending their population down south, then their was urgent need for an protection much stronger than they had already.

So when they old world start to move to the new world, looking for more land, money and power, Vietnam were ready for those that offer protections. Great Brittain target India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Burma and the Dutch aimed for Indonisia. So France just started to look for an piece of land too, and in 1886 the first navel ships came to Vietnam.

Then France enter Vietnam, they took Cambodia and Laos under their wings too, they became more backyards countries, undelevoped besides for their capitals and some few other bigger cities. The power and delevoping were put in Vietnam and same with the education of the local people. French people from all part of the country and all kinds of jobs and educations came to the new world to be part of the new eventure,looking up for money and land.

Saigon used to be an little fishing village,soon became an huge city and small villages like Hanoi delevoped fast too, and turned in to small copies of France catering all what homesick Frenchman needed, from baquette to the huge Cathedral all to make it an home from faraway.

For France Vietnam was the Orients pearl and they really only aim for that while Cambodia and Laos were the poor bushland. Not much change there besides for some few cities and for many people it didn't really made an change.

The change came in Vietnam, came in 1940. Hitler's Germany had invaded France and occupied to the north, while an fasist state under Vichy had been setup in the south. That event in the motherland, became to the start of an long conflict that ended France colonial dreams.

Vietnam 1941. Vichy loyal French soldiers had controlled Vietnam since 1940. But with the war between Japan and USA,the peace soon came under pressure. Japan entered Vietnam and removed the French from power. With the Japanese Imperial Army in charge, the time of France was over.

The Japanese was as brutal as the French,and the Vietnamese started to fight back, an fight they brought back the French,Americans and Chinese. August 1945, 2 Atomic bombs had been dropped over Japan and its military force are on its knees. An total surrender for an once proud army,now reducted to an ruin.

Vietnam, august 1945. Forces from United Kingdom enter Saigon, together with an mix of Free French army. Join with the Japanese army ,they took power on the southern part, while in the north, the force of Ho Chi Minh,Viet Minh took in to streets.

The French still had their dreams on return to the old power, and soon an army of French foreign legioner came in to the shore of Vietnam to clean up the mess. Soon battles started all over. with organised groups of Viet Minh, battles that little by little wear down the French military might and again and again they loast ground.

Dien Bien Phu 1954. The mountain castle up in the northern western Vietnam, on the highway to Laos and China. And French army, basically French foreign legioners supported by local Laos tribal people and some few Vietnamese, are holding up on this crossroad from Laos, China to Vietnam in vain attempt to block the Viet Minh's advance toward Laos and down south in Vietnam.

Against the French was an huge army under general Giap, and hes divisions of foot soldiers had Dien Bien Phu, total under siege.

Few French soldiers survived the siege, mostly were slaugther and the remain eather escaped though the jungle or turned them self in as prisoners. The time of France was over, humiliated and tired of war they pack up for going home.

Vietnam were divided in 2 parts. North became Ho Chi Minh land,runned by Viet Minh and adopting an communist style of goverment,while the South were an more lose democracy,runned by former military men and coalitions parties. The French influence at that time was reduced to nothing and the French community down too in numbers.

The Americans enter the war in 1959,with the first military advisors aiding the new South Vietnamese army. Then it became an large influx of Americans with all included, they came to fight an war that the French lost. With the Americans in Vietnam, came also those children they made with the local women, amerasians.

Many of those children, were left in streets, shelters or in other ways given away. But among the French community,there were parents without children, and they saw an way to adopt an child or in some ways kidnap them. False papers were made and they got there exist visa though the Frenach embassy in Saigon.

Saigon April 1975.Chaos Remain, everyone wanna leave, and the French too, with there adopted children. Flight took off for paris with those new citizen of France, for an new life.

2011, the children are now growing up,with there own family,but they start to discover their own painfull past, that they neather French or Vietnamese,but amerasians and they searching for their past,their roots.

They had formed groups like "French Connections" and "Gia Dinh" on Facebook and they meet to find an way to share the common past and same time to reach to their fellow amerasians in Vietnam and USA.Others reach out the Vietnam vets in USA for answers and some goes even futher and search for their fathers.

Amerasians in France are an unknown numbers,but they keep coming up and demand answers about the past,and like every child,they want to know, who am I ? Why I am here ?,whats my roots ? 

Father Founded hopes to help our fellow amerasians in France to find those answers, and are looking forward to work together for an common future.