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  Lina and Steve Noe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jackie and John G John with the family 


The amerasians issue are NOT on the top 10 list of issues,that hit the newsmedia " Most Importent" stories. Actually besides few local based story,and the " Once an year" fall of Saigon stories,then silence are the main news.
Haite, Irak, revolutions,hunger there are reasons enough to write about, and the forgotten kids from USA, had become ghost of the past.
Its an sad reality, thats are very hard to change.Father Founded tries hard to raise the matter in USA and international,but its an uphill battle, wit very few victories.
Most of time,its empty promies, closed doors or rude comments. The few gains are mostly related to events, where amerasians based in USA ,had have located an father, and it had been mention in the local newspaper or Tv station. It never got though that local stuff,and it dies out as soon as the people read or saw the news.
Only the articles made in Vietnam, made an difference,in terms of reaching out the people, special Amerasians left behind in Vietnam, and it gave them hope and happiness to see that their people are not forgotten by the world.
Its our dream that the wall of silence will fall,and the American newsmedia again stand up for those without voice, and tell the American people what really happend to their kids in Vietnam.
The only way to raise the voice in the newsmedia, are for the normal people,to contact their local newsmedia and had them to do the story. As more local based newsmedia that do the story as bigger chance to change the issue, and help those amerasians still in vietnam.
For any Newsmedia that wanted to help,then please go on our " Contact " page, your help means an difference.

Javier & Tanit's Amerasian photo project

Javier & Tanit are 2 wonderfull photo journalist from Spain.They went to Vietnam in 2010, to do their photo project about the remaing amerasians, living there.
They ended making an realistic photo project, showing without any filters, hows 3 amerasians  ( Name known by Father Founded ). No comments needed for the photos, just look at the faces and image it could be you, living in no mans land, with no fatherland.

Javier & Tanit's Amerasian photo project



                           Civilian companies in Vietnam

Contract workers, non combattent, state department many names for those that went to Vietnam,during the war. Father Founded continue to recive cases from Amerasians,looking for their fathers,that did civilian work,eather related to American companies,the US goverment or as civilian contract worker,serving the US military. For most of those cases,then its an mission impossible to locate an father,without really good informations. Contra the US military, there are no records of those that went to Vietnam, as civilians. Many of those companies,doesn't exist today,they had been closed down, merged or simply split up in so many smaller companies,and those old records are long gone. Father Founded, are working on the idea making an page where all the cases related to civilians in Vietnam, can be added. Below here are an list of some of the companies we had been reciving cases on:

RMK-BRJ (Raymond Morrison Knudsen Brown,Root and Jones)
Manhatten Chase Bank
General Electric
Johnson, Drake and Piper
DOD ( Department of defence)
Lear Siegler


Father Founded depend on those people we help,as much as they depend on the help we can give them. We are nothing without them,and they are nothing without us.
The value of the help we recive, makes the difference of life and death. It cover the expenses of the search, to maintenance the homepage, make phonecalls and in some cases, cover the expenses of an private investigator. So be the one to make an change, dare to share. Below are some ways to donate,for more informations,look at the page "Donations".



Go Fund Me

Amerasians in Europe

Father Founded had recived several cases from Amerasians, living in europe, during the years. Most of those amerasians had come to europe as eather adoptees,immigrants or in other ways related to the aftermath of the Vietnam conflict.
Father Founded welcome any amerasian case in europe too,as long they are related to Vietnam.
Amerasians in europe are starting to gather together, to make up their own groups,to help each other and to remember their common past. Should any amerasian in europe had the interest in join their fellow people,then they are welcome to contact us.

Youtube comments

Sometime we recive comments on our Youtube videos. Mostly are nice enough, regarding what we do to help. But others are eather very rasist, politically or just plain mean toward the amerasian issue.
Amerasian, Vietnamese or American, we help anyone that can be helped. And rasist remarks toward any of those groups, won't be tolerated and responded too. We seek friendship and respect, not hate and desrespect.
I terms of politics. We had NO interest in politics at all. Neather in pre or post war politics, we are not pro or contra any goverment. We served the people in need.
We are not proffesionals in filming and editing. Our camera are old and money are not big enough to cover for new and better equipment.Besides that we are non english speaking people. So we hope that people understand and respect our work.

Final words

It our hope that you and anyone else that need help,would beable to use our homepage.We are not better or try to be better than anyone else, we simple try to make the best for those, that had noone else to turn.
Brian Hjort, Founder of Father Founded

Father Founded going on an mission

Father Founded welcome you to the last update in 2011. The year had passed by like an rocket, leaving an tail of broken dreams, lost hopes and dead fathers but also happiness and an feeling for an better future.
So how was 2011 really for us working with amerasians ? That the question, that is hard to answer. 

The Vietnam war are long gone and so are the life of many Vietnam veterans too. What the war didn't do to them, time did. Slowly but steady they die out,one by one, something we can't change.
So dies by age,some by sickness related to Vietnam and others again to life related issues. The clock are ticking down. 

To many times we get the messages that the father had passed away, and an " Hard to understand" family eather rejected the idea that an loving but dead father had an child abroad or simply are very angry that it might been the truth and the whole picture of an honest family man are falling apart.

Amerasians are paying the price for past events in Vietnam and USA. No matter if they are living in USA or are still in Vietnam,they still stir up emotions among people. Its like an forgotten war that keeps coming back and keep hurting those been part of it.

Amerasians are still in Vietnam, my last trip in april 2011 show it in all ways. An sad sight, seing those old friends just living for survival not for happiness or for something better. 
Vietnam might be an country with an more tolerant view towards " The Children of dust", but its still not home and it won't ever be.
We all getting older, us that had been part of the issue and the amerasians that been living though it. It takes an lot of energy to survive and do it all life.
Vietnam veterans as an group hadn't show much effort in look for their own children in Vietnam, assisting in the search for other fathers or in general to been an part of healing the past. It seems like hitting an wall of silence, when we ask for help to look for an lost father, sad that old sence of brotherhood are robbing the chance to reunite an lost father with hes child.

Amerasians are still leaving Vietnam,not like an river but here and there amerasians are pulling out, leaving for their fatherland. But there will always be someone left, forgotten by their people and left from the past.

Heros of 2011

Like 2010, when Father Founded first time nominated an hero of the year,then we did the same for 2011.So what's an hero for Father Founded ? An hero for us, are an person that are ready to help others in need regarding the cost, means and outcome. An person that don't look for any personal gains, in terms of money, power or popularity.
For me it had been difficult to find person/people that fit those ideals. Why ? Well in an time of economic hardship, realityshows and 15 minuts of fame, then there not an big selections left.
Unusally 3 people had been selected as heros of 2011. Those are 3 dedicated people, that in their own way had made an diffence in the life of the amerasians and for Father Founded.



My old friend, brother and partner in crime !!! We had been working together as an team since 1992. Even Hung getting older and had hes own family and life,then he still keeps on helping amerasians. He's always ready to give hes best, fighting every inches to save those in need.
Amerasians,vietnamese, Americans they all love Hung and the energy he give them, Hung make things happend, that noone could belive would be possible.
Without Hung Father Founded won't have an chance to make an diffence, in helping amerasians, and we all own him a lot.

James Copeland

James"Jim" Copeland

James are the only Vietnam vet with an amerasian daugther, that took up the responsibility as an father and as an citizen of the world.
Father Founded first touch with James came early 2011, when he asked for help in look for hes lost amerasian child, he fathered in Bien Hoa,Vietnam during hes time of duty.
Hes search took us to Vietnam, where we did an hardcore search, an search that ended back in USA, with the happy meeting of hes daugther Tiffany.
James is an very special person, he never forgot the child left behind in Vietnam neather did he gave up looking for her, no lies, excuses or other reasons for doing nothing. In the end in paid up in meeting the one child he missed most in hes life.
But behind the sun lies the shadow. The price of an new member of the family, had been huge. Part of hes own family went against him, due to the lack of under standing past events, in Vietnam. Not accepting the fact that an father cares for hes child, they took on an revenge rampage, trying to destroy the spirit of hope and love between father and child.
But as an old soldier James had withstand the pressure and an good relations
ship had have eveloped between him and hes new family.
Besides fighting for hes child, james offer the best help for other amerasians and for Father Founded, been part in Tv shows, newspapers and internet based newsmedia he had told the world hes personal story.
Had more Vietnam vets the same guts as James, to look for their lost kids, then our work would be much easier.  Father Founded own James a lot for hes courage and open heart. For info on James life then look on " James" Jim" Copeland's case".

Jannie Oanh Nguyen

Jannie Oanh Nguyen

Among few, she's the only amerasian in USA and Vietnam too, that had done are doing an difference in helping her fellow amerasian breathens.
Jannie are born in the old South Vietnam,as an child of an Vietnam women,working for the Americans, and an American soldier worked as an cook for the Airborne army. 
She liked many other Amerasians, were lucky enough to leave for the fatherland. Since then she her self became an mother, and an hardworking person, but she never forgot where she came from and who she was, and she had been using her sparetime and life in assisting other amerasians in Vietnam, for leaving for USA and to make the amerasians working as an group.
Helping amerasians in USA are hardly an funny experience. Most had been spread around in the states and unity are slowly cease. People lives their life and Vietnam become past and those amerasians left their too. Jannie had tried hard in keep amerasians as an unit and had them to remember those left in Vietnam.
We had only knew jannie for an short time, she likes many other amerasians in USA had hear about Father Founded, and like many other amerasians,then gossips are bigger than reality, what we had done or not done.
But after knowing what we had been doing or not doing, she and Father Founded become friends, and she had done the uppermust in helping us in our work with amerasians. She pulled up an big meeting in Memphis, tn in support our work with amerasians, the money raised in that meeting she donate for our future work. 
jannie are decent person and an good friend of Father Founded and the amerasians and we are proud of knowing her. She's the one among them all, that cares for those amerasians who had no voice.

Vietnam "Recover the past" 2011

Once in an year, we try to head for Vietnam. We collect all the incoming cases from amerasians,that needs out help there, and from Vietnam vets that need to look for their lost kids too.
This time we had an bunch of amerasian cases and one Vietnam vets looking for hes child in Bien Hoa.

Father Founded with some new amerasians in Ho Chi Minh City

So back on the old battlezone and ready to rock it !!! For an week, we had to cover an area from Ho Chi Minh City, to Ben Tre and up to Bien Hoa.
Its not an easy task for 2 men, in the 40'ties, sitting on an motorbike down the way to Tra Vinh, Ben Tre and My Tho but we made it and met several new amerasians, and clear signal that amerasians are still in Vietnam.

Father Founded meeting one more amerasian in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City some new amerasians turned up and we had meetings with old amerasian friends too, happy to see them but sad to see them in Vietnam and not in USA.

The main drive for this trip to Vietnam, was James" jim" Copeland's case. He was looking for hes amerasian child in Bien Hoa, and Father Founded decided to take the case.

James case we an groundbreaking example in how to locate an lost child, of an Vietnam vets, inside Vietnam. Armed with an handdraw map ,old photos, informations and some luck we then headed for Bien Hoa and James place of duty..

James handwriten map

Asking questions, compare an handmade map with local peoples information, based on events that happend 40 years ago are really pure luck, madness and hard work. But 2 days and the combinations of those 3 things took us to james daugther Tiffany, she had already left for USA. 

Now James and hes daugther had met and the circle been closed, so for us in Father Founded, the trip had been succesfull in terms of making an difference.

More on our trip to Vietnam and James "Jim" Copeland's case:

Vietnam " Recover the past" 2011
Vietnam "Recover the past" Video 1
Vietnam "Recover the past" Video 2
Vietnam "Recover the past "Video 3
Vietnam "Recover the past" Video 4
James "Jim" Copeland's case

Donate now !!!!!!

Its nice to be importent, but also importent to be nice !!! Those means it all, Father Founded are not an huge powerfull organisation, rather its an group of dedicated people, that try help those in need.

Like every group we need economic means to run the searches, the homepage, phonecalls and othe issues related to the amerasians.

So make an difference !! Donate little, makes an big change for those that an voice in their life. Below here are some ways how to donate, or go to our donate page.



Go Fund Me

For Sale

The sign "For sale" are up in many places around the world today, houses, shops, cars anything. The world wide economic crise, had forced people to sell up what they can, in order to make the days end, same goes with Father Founded.
We depend on peoples goodwill and donations, but with an melting down in the economics, then the sources are drying out too. So for us to continue our work and come back to Vietnam and assist the amerasians, we had to put the sign "For Sale".
In 1992, on my first trip to Vietnam,I brought 5 American Zippo lighers, left behind by the American soldiers, during the war.
They means alot to me
as wonderfull memories,but the amerasians needs the help too, so I decided to sell them on my homepage for the highest price.
The goal are to raise 4000 usd to come back to Vietnam and assist the amerasians, might the zippos don't vavlue that much, but thet hope are that those paying the price, do it for the amerasians and Father Founded.
Below here are the photos of the zippos and on the page "For sale" more info and enlarge photos of the zippos.:

Zippo #1
Zippo #2
Zippo #3Zippo #4

Cases update:

2011 had seen fewer amerasian cases, from Vietnam. With an declined Amerasian community and with those left in Vietnam, had almost no info,mostly just gave up and moved on with their life.
Fewer Amerasians in USA are hitting the application button for search for their fathers too,mostly had little or no info and many just moved on too, with their life.

Some Vietnam vets turned up too, in looking for their lost child, but its almost nothing and it doesn't really make an different, when it come to the amount of Amerasians looking for their fathers.

Many more relatives of Vietnam vets are turning up, wondering what happend to the child that their father,brother or uncle made in Vietnam. Its an positive sign that the family are looking for the relative in Vietnam.

Besides that we had amerasian cases from Philipines too, since Father Founded are steadly moving their search work to the Philipines, where many amerasians too are looking for their lost fathers.

Its hard to locate an lost person, and even harder to have the person admit having an child in an foreign country. An other hard to denied point of view, are that more and more of the father had passed away, so its mostly dealing with the family of the father.
Finding people are not an easy task,its demanding but also worthy job and every person find alive and small victory for mankind.

Amerasian cases Vietnam: 9
Amerasian cases USA: 9
Father searching for amerasian child: 11
Anyone looking for: 9
Amerasian cases Philipines: 7
Solved cases: 6 

International Amerasian news

Amerasians are not only in Vietnam, they are spread all over in asia, countries like Philipines,Taiwan, Japan (okinawa), Korea, Thailand and Laos. Besides that amerasians had moved to countries like France, Australia and Germany.
Father Founded had started to move in to those countries, trying to assist amerasians there to find their fathers too. So we add in what ever news that exist special related to Father Founded, country by country.


Amerasians had existed in Philipines for more than 100 years, from the first Americans came to liberate the country from the Spanish colonialism, up though the world war II to the cold war, their present just ended in 1992, with the outbreak of the vulcano Pinatubo, that destroyed part of the military bases.
After that USA didn't need Philipines anymore and left, and sametime left an population of 50 000 amerasians behind.

Amerasians in The Philipines are poor and without any chances to be equal the rest of the populations. They are the living in the streets,doing hard labour and in all means been treated as second ranked people.
Interest in the Philipino amerasians, are very little from the outside world, special in USA, their fatherland, unlike the fellow breathens in Vietnam.
They had simply been forgotten by the world, no laws in USA are been passed to bring them home, no media storm, no veterans claim them and no fellow amerasians based in USA to lobby their issue among the American people.

Philipino amerasians had recently started to join together and make groups, to be aware of their sad situation. Rallies are been made, public meeting and video messages for youtube are some of the means used to gain attention.

Father Founded had been part of the Philipino amerasians for an while, on and off doing few cases here and there, but never anything like Vietnam, but with increased focus on the Philipine amerasians, then we had decided to move in to make an difference.

Those men, met local Vietnamese women and they got kids, that we named "Pinoy war kids". After the fathers left, the kids like the amerasians, had to fend for them self in an post war hostile invioment.
Now growing up, they wanna find their fathers in the Philipines, and some made it. Father Founded had been succed in finding one father in the Philipines and hope to help more of those Pinoy war kids in future.

Pinoy war kid Mai Van meeting her father Urgels Camara, for the first time in Philipines

More on Father Founded in the Philipines, then look at :

Philipino amerasians ( English )
Philipino amerasians ( Tagalo )
Pinoy war kids ( English )
Pinoy war kids ( Tagalo )
Amerasians Philipines, submit your case


France used to be the colonial mother of Vietnam, it occupied the country for almost 70 years.  The French lifestyle and culture are still to been seen in Vietnam today, speciel though the food and churches.
But France also host an Amerasian community,  they came after the fall of Saigon in 1975. They came to France, with their adopted parents. The amerasians were adopted or stolen from orphanages, had new papers and the taken to France.
Now growing up, they start to ask about their own past. Who are we ? Why are we in France ? What happend to our real parents ? Some try to look up their mothers in Vietnam and others their American fathers.
Now Father Founded, starts to join with the amerasians of France, in their search for their lost fathers and past and we hope that together we can reclaim the past.
More on Father Founded and the French amerasians:
Amerasians in France ( English )
Amerasians in France ( French )
Amerasians in France, submit your case

The newsmedia

The power of the newsmedia are as strong as the goverment or military. They are able to change peoples mind and heart, by their words and articles.
But the newsmedia had been very silent, when it comes to cover the amerasian issue. It seems like other sad stories are taken the space, and the amerasians are way down on the news hit list.

Frustating are special the American newsmedia, in their lack off interest in their own kids left behind around the old military bases.
So many empty promises, lies and waste of time from tv stations and news papers in USA. 

No one knows what the future brings, but the fight for attention getting more rough. We can only tell the people to support the amerasians and Father Founded, by contacting their local newsmedia and had them cover the issue.
Below here are some links of the newsmedia that covered the amerasians:

Globalpost article about Amerasians

Final words

2011 are coming to an end, and soon 2012 will arrive. Father Founded would like to thank all those people, that helped us and the amerasians in this year, regarding what they did. We hope that people will turned up in 2012, and continue to help them amerasians and Father Founded.

Let 2012 be the year that brings the amerasians "Home", no matter if they lives in Vietnam, Philipines or any other asian countries. Let 2012, make more amerasians to find their lost fathers, so they too can feel the happines of having an loving, caring father.

Finally we wish everyone an Merry X-mas and an Happy New Year to every amerasian, Vietnam vet, Vietnamese, American and anyone that cares for the amerasians and their life. 

Brian Hjort
Founder of Father Founded

Frontpage archive



Father Founded, would like to pay tribute to Clint W Haines,who had recent passed away. Clint was an Vietnam veteran and also looking for hes Amerasian child.
Clint had spend a lot of time assisting amerasians looking for their fathers,and he been known and loved for hes work.
Health was against Clint, he fought the best to make it, but lost the final batlle. Clint you taugth me a lot, even I only meet you once in Vietnam, then we had an funny meeting. You reminded me about how world suppose to be, where people help people,without borders.
Clint take care old buddy, I know you had peace now
Brian Hjort, Father Founded

Cases Updated

In the year passing and this year, we had already recived many new cases, from several different people, Amerasians to Vietnam veterans to relatives and friends.
For Father Founded it just show that the issue are still well alive,and will keep continue,as long someone promote it.

Amerasian USA 2011, 29 cases
Amerasian Vietnam 2011, 17 cases
Father searching for amerasian child 2011, 3 cases
Other 2011, 3 cases
Anyone looking for 2011, 2 cases

To Submit an case

Father Founded recived many different cases,from many different people,some amerasians from Vietnam,some from USA others are Vietnam vets looking for their kids. A lot of cases ends up in the same mailbox,and got mixed up and confused.So I decided to make it more smooth for those that submit an case and for us that help. From now Amerasians in USA had their own application form to filled out,Amerasians in Vietnam their form,Vietnam vets their form and so on,then noone get confused.
Besides that, Amerasians in USA had 2 options in their application form,that they had to select from.The options says:
I want to donate for my case
I don't want to donate for my case
The reason why for those 2 options are clear. To many times Father Founded ended up with the bills for an case done.Promies to get economic help from the amerasians,ended up in lies or silence.As the economic crise had hit us too,then we can't allowed us self to be broke. So now the Amerasian that apply,can eather donate an amount of at least 50 usd and Father Founded will do an active search,or not donate at all,and Father Founded will only add the case on the homepage with the info and photos the amerasians submited.
An other thing,Amerasians in Vietnam are poor,they never had the chance like their fellow amerasians that came to USA,in making an better economic life.So the donations we get,will be used fairly to assist the amerasians in Vietnam to find their fathers. In that way the Amerasians in USA show some support with their fellow amerasians in USA.
An option had to be made for submit the case,no option made,no reply

"Để đăng ký trình bày một trường hợp tìm kiếm" 

Hội thiện nguyện giúp đở tìm cha ( Father Founded ) đã nhận
nhiều trường hợp khác nhau, từ nhiều người khác nhau, một số con lai từ Việt Nam, một số từ những người Mỹ khác là cựu chiến binh Việt Nam tìm kiếm những đứa con của họ. Rất nhiều trường hợp kết thúc lưu giữ trong cùng một hộp thư, chúng đã bị lẫn lộn với nhau và lộn xộn không rỏ rang .Cho nên tôi quyết định làm cho trang web này uyển chuyển thuận lợi dễ dàng hơn  cho những người nộp hồ sơ trực tuyến qua mạng internet vào trang web này và nó sẽ dể dàng cho sự trợ giúp của chúng tôi đễ sự tránh nhầm lẫn. Từ nay con lai tại Mỹ đã có mẫu đơn riêng của họ để điền đầy đủ thông tin vào trong trang web này , mẫu đơn dành cho con lai tại Việt Nam , dành cho cựu chiến binh Việt Nam , Và như thế thì không có ai bị lẫn lộn. 
Bên cạnh đó, con lai tại Mỹ đã có 2 lựa chọn theo hình thức ứng dụng của họ, rằng họ đã phải chọn tùy chọn từ phần chức năng đã nói như sau đây :



 * Tôi muốn tặng cho trường hợp của tôi 

* Tôi không muốn hiến tặng cho trường hợp của tôi 
Lý do tại sao đối với những 2 lựa chọn là phải rõ ràng như thế ?. Đã có rất nhiều lần Hội thiện nguyện tìm cha “Father founded” đã thực hiện thành công việc tìm kiếm cha cho các anh chị em lai Mỹ và đa số những anh em lai đó , những người mà đã được Father Founded giúp tìm lại được cha ruột của họ nhưng cuối cùng họ đã không giữ đúng lời hứa thực hiện việc ủng hộ giúp đỡ tài chính cho tổ chức Father Founded như họ đã hứa đễ giúp duy trì hoạt động nhằm mục đích tiếp tục giúp đỡ các anh chị em kém may mắn khác mà chưa được tìm cha . Họ đã nói dối hoặc phớt tĩnh và im lặng sau khi việc tìm kiếm thành công . Cho nên sự khủng hoảng kinh tế đã ít nhiều cũng tác động đến hoạt động của chúng tôi dù đó chỉ là hoạt động thiện nguyện . Tuy nhiên sau đó chúng tôi có thể không cho phép chúng tôi được tự phá hủy đạp đổ những hoạt động mang tính thiện nguyện và những thành quả mà chúng tôi đã tạo dựng trong suột gần hai thập niên ( 20 năm ) qua . 

Vì vậy, kể từ bây giờ anh chị em lai Mỹ nào mà đang ký nộp đơn trực tuyến qua mạng internet trên trang web này đễ yêu cầu thực hiện việc tìm kiếm cha thì họ cũng có thể tặng một khoản tiền ít nhất là 50 usd và hội thiện nguyện tìm cha Father Founded sẽ thực hiện hoạt động tìm kiếm, hoặc nếu không đóng góp bất cứ gì vì quá nghèo hoặc vì những lý do tế nhị khác thì tở chức Father Founded sẽ chỉ liệt kê thông tin và đưa các trường hợp đó trên trang chủ với các thông tin và hình ảnh các anh chị em Lai đã trình bày lúc đăng ký trực tuyến trên mạng internet
Một điều đặc biệt khác nữa là đa số anh chị em lai tại Việt Nam thật sự là những người nghèo, họ không bao giờ có cơ hội may mắn giống như những người bạn lại khác đã may mắn hơn và được định cư tại Hoa Kỳ đễ có được cuộc sống tốt hơn. Vì thế cho nên những sự đóng góp mà chúng tôi nhận được từ những anh chị em lai khác sau khi chúng tôi thực hiện thành công việc tìm kiếm cha của họ sẽ được sử dụng một cách công bằng để giúp con lai tại Việt Nam trong việc tìm kiếm cha của họ. Theo cách đó các con lai tại Mỹ cũng có thể hướng dẫn giúp đỡ một số anh chị em bạn lai của mình tại Mỹ. 

Mục lựa chọn ( Option ) phải được yêu cầu thực hiện khi đăng ký trình bày cho mỗi trường hợp, và chúng tôi sẽ không hồi âm cho những trường hợp không thực hiện việc lựa chọn trong phần Option

2010 had shown the good, an the bad face on people. Some people had spend a lot of energy in assisting Amerasians and Father Founded, and there are so many known and unknown persons and people to thank,for their effort.
In Vietnam, we would like to thank my always faithfull friend Hung, Trang Phan, MyMy Nguyen,Minh Luan and speciel thanks goes to Cong Phat for doing an wonderfull journalistic job, writing articles about Amerasians and Father Founded, he show the side of Vietnam that make us hope for an better future.
In USA,and special thanks goes out to those many veterans,local newsreporters and

private investigators, that had put their fingerprints on local related cases. They had made the world an better place for the amerasians.
Countless other people around the world are to be thanked for their little piece of help,in the big amerasian puzzle. We hope they all will continue to support the amerasians and Father Founded in 2011.
Father Founded had never nominated one person,to be the person of the year. But we decided to nominate one that really made an different in 2010. Hes name is Joseph "Joe" Skalamera, an 2 tour of duty,combat Vietnam veteran. 
Joe had spend what ever time he had left in hes life helping amerasians,not only for Father Founded,but also in private. He does their papers, assist them in any way he can.They all call him "Daddy Joe", and for Father Founded, he had been outstanding. Calling up fathers to explain about the reason for searching for them, writing them and many times taking their beating by phone,but still kept hes heart and mind for the amerasians.
Besides that Joe had been to Vietnam several times,assisting poor people out in the countryside, so they had an change for an better life.
Joe's effort are known not only by the amerasians, but in hes country of hes parents, Croatia too. Croatian newspapers did articles about him in English and Croatian (more on that).
We just wished to have more people like Joe out there, special Vietnam veterans.
Articles about Joe
Article from Croatian Time about Joseph Skalamera
Article in Croatian about Joseph Skalamera

Its very hard to find an father !!! Finding one alive are even worse and to have him to accept hes child are like finding the needle in the haystack. The time are against the amerasians and their search for their long lost fathers.
The fathers now up in the 60'ties to the 80'ties,them self are retired,losing their minds or in some cases their life. They are not the young men that came to Vietnam decades ago.
For some of those men,accepting an child that late in life are as much kick back in to an long forgotten past.They simply don't know how to deal with it. Some denied it,or try to excuse it, other say they will think about and never return.Some of those men, never had children before and never wish they had eather,for them its an pure nightmare been brought back from "Nam".
Father Founded can't and won't promies happiness to any amerasians,even that we would love to see our Amerasian brothers and sisters had that joy to be with their fathers.But the fact are,that we are fighting an uphill battle to look for those men,before its to late,and they are all gone.
Time take its part,and its up to the amerasians to act before its to late.

As we had fathers, that say "No" and turn their bag on their kids,then we had wonderfull outstanding fathers too.Men with honor and respect, men that don't turn their bag on their kids.Under here are some few Tv shots and  photos of happy amerasians with their fathers and more under " Solved cases 2011".