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Philipine military in Vietnam,during the war

Pinoy war kids (English)

Pinoy war kids During the conflict in Vietnam,USA send its military might and civilian companies to fight for South Vietnam,and assist it in develop the country.

But USA couldn't make it alone, they needed their allies countries. Thailand, South Korea,Japan and Philipines were among those countries,that more and less volunteerly send military and civilians to the war zone. 
Philipines had their own group named " Philipine civic Action Group". It was send to assist South Vietnam as an offer from the Philipino goverment. It consist and mix of miliary and civilians,to protect and to develop local communities in Vietnam. 

Mostly were based in Tay Ninh,but other cities too got the benefits from the Philipino help. An unknown numbers served Philipines in Vietnam and and more served in US military or civilian companies on their own basis. Many of them stay in Saigon and other bigger cities in Vietnam, With the salary they got and the freedom they got,they easly made contacts with the local Vietnamese women, those that worked for the allies and those that worked in the bars and restaurants.

For the Philipino men,the economic freedom they had, combined with their job situation made them able to do things they would never had done home. Many of the men,lonely and far away from home, met an local Vietnamese women,eather though their work or restaurants,bars or other entertainment places. Living that for many comfortable life in Vietnam ended for some in marrige and an almost normal life,with houses or apartments and children too,few even took their family back to Philipines.

April 1975, the whole South Vietnam collapsed,and the last Ame-rican took of from the US Embassy in Saigon. The Philipinos too left Vietnam,besides some few known "Stay behinds", that prefer being with their Vietnamese family,got caught in the mess following the kollapse or simply melted in the Vietnamese community. 

Left behind from the Philipino contribution to Vietnam, was their Vietnamese women and in many cases their mixed kids. The mothers paid an huge price,having an relationsship with an foreign men. The postwar Vietnamese goverment did like those served the former "Enemy", and special those that children with them.Many of the women lost all what they own,went to jails or camps and many were forced to give up their kids. 

The Pinoy kids were living evidence of the Philipinos in Vietnam. Even they didn't looked that much difference from the Vietnamese with parents of boths asian heritages,then small things physcical things made them difference,and they were looked down by the community as outcast. No one knows how many kids were born, but around the old Philipino bases and living areas still many lives like ghost of the past, lost in history. Mostly had their own kids and had been an part of everyday life in Vietnam. Few had ever tried to look for their father,with no means to do it. The fathers had become old men. Retired after an long working life, many for the US military or civilian companies other for foreign companies. Large part settle in USA in states like Califonia and Hawaii, were the climate was equal the homeland. 

Today the kids are still in Vietnam, they had no way to leave for the "Fatherland" and the meeting Daddy are almost remote too. An minority had even search for their fathers, fewer had luck. Fragments of the fathers had even coming back to claim their "Pinoy kids". There had been some sunshine stories,but not many. Its our hope that the Philipino people,newsmedia, goverment and the fathers will pay attention to that matter of their own Pinoys in Vietnam,and give them an fair chance to see their daddys.