Father Founded
Amerasian Transit Center opened in january 1990. It was based in opposite Damn Senh Park in the outskirt of Ho Chi Min City. It contain small house billet,where the amerasians and their familys,were waiting for leaving for USA,or waiting for interview.
It had its own system of schools and workshops where the people waiting could use their time in a good way,
Beides that It had a common eating place,an reception for visitiors,foreign dignitaries. Its own security system, almost like a microworld.
During the time the Amerasian Transit Center existed, it had space to 1000 people a time.
So people used to live there for almost 5 years,creating their own world.
Amerasian Transit Center, became the Ellis Island for the amerasians,an hope of freedom and a better life in the US.
When it closed in 1997, it also killed the hope for many of the remaining amerasians.
Today the Amerasian Transit Center, are used for parking slots and sports field.

Amerasian Transit Center today,with the soccer field,and the parking slot

Amerasian Transit Center today seing from above.