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Brian's comment:

Welcome to Brian's comment !! Since I am the founder of Father Founded,the editor and the one that do all the hard work,then I feel its time for the people to have an page where I put my own monthly comments on cases,people and news general related to the amerasian issue. All what is writen are my own view and opinion,and anyone can feel free to give me feedback at: brihj@hotmail.com

Dreaming of an white Xmas

Does anyone remember the Xmas song by Bing Crosby ? Dreaming of an white Xmas !! Well for some that lived though the last days of the war in Vietnam,this song gives an bitter taste. In the end of end CIA controlled radio station had to played the Xmas song by Bing Crosby as a covered message for every American,3rd foreign nationals and Vietnamese worked for Americans, to leave for the airport,harbour or picked up places, made by CIA and the US Embassy.
When the old song came up in the radio, they knew it was over, there was no reason to waite anymore, South vietnam had lost its game. 
But at least they knew what the song meant,for many more it was just an Xmas song, they was left to fend for them self. They became the future exodus for Vietnam,those that had no future in the new Vietnam. 
Dreaming of an white Xmas !!!! Welcome to USA.